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Vintage Slot Racing Newsletter

Posted on December 21st, 2015 in Blog by Michael Stucker


Recently, while searching to the ends of the internet, I came across the Vintage Slot Racing Newsletter web site. Yes, its a slot car site, but it has some interesting stuff. Among the items to be found there are photos of many old model car magazine and catalog covers, including Model Car Science and Car Model magazines as well as AutoWorld catalogs. Boy do those bring back memories of modeling in the ’60s & ’70s. Additionally, there are slot car box art photos, prototype plans, articles on model cars and real cars – all from old model magazines. In addition, there is an Ed Roth Tribute with all kinds of photos and scans. Not the easiest site to navigate, so here are a few links to various sections:

VSRN Main Page

VSRN Index

“Big Daddy” Ed Roth Tribute

Model Magazine & Catalog Covers


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