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Scope Of Services Agreement

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While the SOW itself is a really important document for communicating your services to your customers, it does not offer you complete legal protection. For example, if you provide marketing services, you`ll likely cover with each client the same core services – things like branding, digital marketing, content strategy, and more. However, the details of what you will provide, schedules and prices will definitely vary. A Scope of Service contract is part of a contract between your company and the service provider. It should contain the name of the company that initiated the contract, as well as the name of the supplier performing the work. Provide your company name and that of the service provider as well as the two business addresses. Payment terms and amounts are often part of your contract document, but it is also customary to include terms that affect payments in service contracts. In this section of the agreement, you can add a statement that the contractor is not an employee of your company and has no known conflict of interest. Regardless of the type of your business or your role within the company, sometimes you need to work with outside parties to finalize projects, select suppliers, get support and customer service, and perform many other activities. The scope of the service agreement gives you and the supplier a complete picture of a project`s requirements, so you`re on the same page. The trick is to have a well-written contract designed specifically for your business and the services you offer. In other words, the service contract is an official contract that defines all the criteria of this contract between you and a service provider.

The Treaty helps to avoid situations and ambiguities that can give rise to disputes. As such, it is a mutually beneficial cooperation between you and another party. Depending on the nature of your business, you may also wish to include a non-compete clause in the scope of the services that would protect you from service providers who would endanger trade secrets by cooperating with your competitors.. . . .

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