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Sample Of Tenancy Agreement In Cameroon

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However, if there is no breach of the contractual clauses and the lessor wishes to terminate the lease, he is obliged to give a period of six months before obtaining or obtaining an eviction order from the court. In the Southwest and Northwest regions, rentals or non-commercial leasing relationships are governed by the Chapter 176 Reorganization Order. Don`t panic, as the name suggests, a lease is simply a contract between you, a tenant and your landlord/landlord that produces rights and obligations. If the tenant is unable to take possession of the rented property or evacuate the rental property before the end of the rental period, the tenant remains responsible for the payment of the balance of the rents and compliance with the conditions of this agreement. Each Contracting Party has the right to challenge the other Party if it is violated. If the rental agreement ends under this agreement, the tenant must: empty and clean the rented property in such a way that it is clean, hygienic and in good condition, subject to usual wear and tear, return all keys to the owner and provide the owner with a transmission address for the purpose of returning the deposit or other necessary communications. . . .

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