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Reusable Mold Making Material

Posted on January 14th, 2012 in Blog by Michael Stucker


Ever want to make copies of small parts for your models like badges, handles, tail lights, etc? Well, there is a product we stumbled upon on a gaming figure web site that is a big help in making those parts. It is called Instant Mold and allows you to make a negative mold of an object in seconds. No messing around with liquid mold making material. The stuff is heat activated to make the mold and needs no mold release when making the copy as nothing sticks to it. The molds you make can be used over and over or reheated to reuse and make new molds. You can buy Instant Mold at CoolMiniOrNot.com. There is also an great video explaining how to use it there. One of our club members has already used it to make a spare grab handle when he lost one from a kit, using Tamiya 2-part epoxy putty as the material for the new part.

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