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Eu Trade Agreement With China

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Beijing is ready to compromise on this point. The new agreement comes at an important time to symbolize trust, substance and progress in the development of negotiations on trade, market access and investment between the two stakeholders. The strategy also includes a trade agenda focused on improving market access opportunities, including negotiations for a comprehensive investment agreement. It also addresses overcapacity and calls on China to engage ambitiously at the multilateral level. The big question is how Europe will be able to conclude negotiations on the China-EU Comprehensive Investment Agreement (CAI) within a year, if there are glaring differences in market access, from Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Since 2012, China has been trying to get the European Union to conclude bilateral free trade agreements. China is absent from the Trans-Pacific (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade Agreement (TTIP) and wants to “respect” itself a pact of similar size so as not to lose trade flows or have to respect new “global” standards of others. For their part, European companies want greater openness to China and a fairer playing field for domestic companies, especially state-owned enterprises. The Bloc has a lot to lose by burning relations with Beijing, which is why the main goal of European politicians was to focus on negotiations and balance rather than arguing with China. This would have been President Xi Jinping`s first meeting with the Bloc`s 27 heads of state.

“There is no comprehensive risk analysis, which leads us to wonder if the EU is blindly heading towards China. We need 27 players in a team.┬áThe auditors examined the scale of Chinese investment in the EU and identified “multiple risks” both political and economic, while pointing out how member states have systematically breached EU rules by bypassing the European Commission before concluding trade deals with China. . . .

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