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Cobi Building Blocks

Posted on December 17th, 2016 in Blog by Michael Stucker


IPMS-Houston member and “Friend of HAMS” Piotr Gamola has started a new business called Toys4Joys that, as modelers, is of some interest to us. He has starting selling COBI Building Blocks which are similar to and compatible with LEGO. COBI are made in Poland, and being Polish himself, Piotr knew of this product and thought Americans might be interested in them.

The Cobi sets build into models of different planes, tanks, trucks, etc., and are a great way to introduce children to the hobby of model building. Now, while there aren’t any civilian cars in the line right now (except for a radio controlled Jeep Wrangler), there are quite a number of kits for police, fire, emergency, and city service vehicles. You can see the entire COBI catalog on-line at COBI.PL.

Unfortunately, I cannot post Piotr’s price list (too large a file), but Piotr and Toys4Joys (located in Katy, TX) and can be contacted at…
Phone: 281-393-7737
Text: 713-517-7537
E-mail: sales@toys4joys.com
(Note that at this time, although the email address is functional, the Toys4Joys web site is not yet on-line.)


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