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April 2020 Club Meeting Cancelled.

Posted on March 26th, 2020 in Blog by Michael Stucker

Due to restrictions caused by the Corona virus, our April club meeting has been cancelled. We hope to resume normal club activities on May 8th. The kit raffle that was to take place in April, will take place during the May meeting. Stay safe.

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HAMS Model Building Sessions @ G&G

Posted on February 1st, 2020 in Blog by Michael Stucker

Thanks to the efforsts of David Green, we have some model building days lined up at G&G Model Shop for the next few months. The first will be February 9, from noon to 4:00 PM. After that, we have 2 more scheduled, April 19, and May 17. All are Sundays.

Seating is limited as G&G only has a small room in the back that we can use, so some coordination and time sharing among members may be needed.

G&G is located at 2029 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77098. This is inside loop 610. Take the Shephard exit from the Soutwest Freeway.

Hope to see some of you there.

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2020 Lone Star Flight Museum Model Display

Posted on January 21st, 2020 in Blog by Michael Stucker

On Saturday, January 18, the Lone Star Flight Museum in Houston held their second annual Gulf Coast Model Expo. Local area club members were invited to display their models and to work on models during the event. Rob Mcquown, Kerry McQuown, David Green, Ken Jackson, and Mike Stucker from HAMS participated. Members of IPMS-Houston, GBASMA, and the Houston Armor Club were also in attendance.

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2020 Model Contests

Posted on January 1st, 2020 in Blog by Michael Stucker

Below is our annual list of model shows & contests (mostly in Texas and Louisiana) that may be of interest to Houston area car modelers in 2020.
Those entries listed with a question mark (?) inidcate shows that were put on last year but I do not yet know if they will be repeated this year.

January 18; Houston, TX
Gulf Coast Model Expo at the Lone Star Flight Museum
Not a contest, but a display of models. Bring some cars to display and bring a model to work on (work space is provided.)

January 26; Lake Charles, LA

February 1; Dallas, TX
Los Underground Kingz present The Blvd. Scale Model Lowrider Show

February 15; San Antonio, TX
IPMS-Alamo Squadron ModelFiesta

March 7; Farmers Branch, TX
IPMS-Metroplex Car Modelers’ Association Showdown

IPMS-New Orleans Great South Tigerfest

April 25; Stafford, TX
IPMS-Houston Modelmania

June 6; Grapevine, TX
IPMS-North Central Texas Scalefest

? June TBD; Denton, TX
Plastic Society Fine Scale Model Exhibition

June 20; Covington, LA
IPMS-North Shore Scale Modelers North Shore Scale Model Expo

July 11; Spring, TX
IPMS-HAMS Fourteenth Annual Model Car Show and Contest
Our own show!

July 29-August 1; San Marcos, TX
IPMS-USA National Convention
The Nationals come to Texas!

August 15; Shreveport, LA
IPMS-Red River Modelers RiverCon

September TBD; Arlington, TX
IPMS-Fort Worth Supercon

October TBD; Austin, TX
IPMS-Austin Scale Modelers Society Capitol Classic

? November TBD: Irving, TX
Radius Nation’s Racers Reunion

? November TBD; Denton, TX
Model car show at Pistons And Paint

We will update this list as more info becomes available.

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Model Car Paint Update

Posted on December 31st, 2019 in Blog by Michael Stucker

Couple of updates to the model car paint post from a few of months ago. First off, the Black Gold web site is gone. But you can still get House Of Kolor paint. You might have to buy larger quantities, though.

I’ve also learned of another paint supplier, Mr Paint, out of Slovakia. They sell acrylic lacquers for airbrushing. Military colors are available along with automotive colors. I’ve heard good things about their paints, but have not tried them. They are avalable in the US from Hobbyworld-USA.

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December 2019 meeting: Christmas Dinner

Posted on November 10th, 2019 in Blog by Michael Stucker

The December HAMS meeting, on the 13th, will be our annual Christmas Dinner. It will again be held at the Buffalo Grill near the corner of Voss and Woodway. They have catfish, burgers, tacos, chicken, and more. The Buffalo Grill web site has a full menu and map of their location. (Note that everyone is responsible for buying their own meal. The club is not picking up the tab.)

Their exact address is 1301 S. Voss, Houston, TX 77057. (The Voss exit off I-10 is one exit farther west than if you were going to the usual meeting place on Wirt. And Woodway is south of I-10.)

Remember, don’t go to the Trini Mendenhall Center on the second Friday in December (December 14, 2018). Go to the Buffalo Grill at Voss and Woodway.

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Club Election Results

Posted on November 10th, 2019 in Blog by Michael Stucker

We had our annual club officer elections on Friday (11/8) and reelected the existing board. (Ooo, so unexpected.) So, as before, our club officers are:

President: Rob McQuown
Vice President: David Green
Treasurer: Mike Stucker
Secretary: Kerry McQuown
Member-At-Large: Richard Piazza

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Model Car Paints

Posted on August 25th, 2019 in Blog by Michael Stucker

Back in the “good old days” of modeling, we had three brands of paints available for painting our models – Testors, Pactra, & AMT – and very few if any of the paints were specific auto colors. Now, we have a plethora of paints available. So many, you may not have even been aware of some. What follows is an overview of the wonderful world of automotive model paints.

Now, of course, you can always go to the automotive supply store or on-line and buy spray cans or touch-up bottles of exact match automotive lacquers from Dupli-Color, PlastiKoat, and others. But I will be dealing with hobby paints here. (Many auto paints straight from the spray can go on too heavy for my taste.)

(Note #1: Company names in blue below are links to their respective web sites.)
(Note #2: Many of the airbrush lacquer paints require a primer coat before, and a gloss clear coat after, the color coats.)

Testors is still with us, but with a greatly expanded range of paints. They make both enamel and lacquer spray paints. Many are just standard colors but many are specific automotive colors. Some are sold under the Testors name, while others appear in the Model Master line.

Another company with paints in spray cans is Tamiya. Excellent acrylic lacquer paint, but they tend to produce colors for the kits they sell. If you are looking to match another company’s kit, you may be out of luck orhave to go with something “close”. They have announced that they will be selling their lacquer paints in bottles for use in an airbrush, but I have not yet seen this for sale anywhere.

Model Car World
Now we will be moving into airbrush paints, where there is a much larger selection. First up is an old friend of model car builders, Model Car World (MCW). They have a large selection of automotive lacquer paints that are mixed for the model builder. They not only carry auto manufacturers colors, but also many race car colors. Probably the “go to” source for paints to match ‘50s, ‘60s, & ‘70s era car colors. In addition, many of their paints can be purchased in spray cans, so that those without an airbrush can still have access to the same paints.

Black Gold
Another long-time supplier of model car paints is Black Gold in Grand Prarie, Texas, who re-bottle House of Kolor lacquer paints (for 1:1 cars) into smaller containers for modelers. They used to also sell it in spray cans, but not any more.

Zero Paints
Next up is Zero Paints out of England. Excellent lacquer paints to match mostly foreign subjects. Also a lot of racing team colors. They can be purchased in the US from Hobbyworld-USA.

Gravity Colors
Gravity Colors, from Spain, is another European supplier of automotive type lacquer paints. They have a large selection of European, Japanese and American paint colors, used on both street and race cars.

Splash Paints
Another of the new auto lacquer paint companies is Splash Paints, whom are located in Portland, Oregon. Excellent paints to match Japanese, European, and American street & race cars. They do use smaller bottles than Zero and Gravity, but it is just enough to paint a typical 1/24 or 1/25 model car.

Scale Finishes
Scale Finishes out of Salt Lake City, Utah, is another lacquer paint, but they have been around since 2008. They supply both lacquer and enamel paints for airbrushing. Street, race, and military colors, from the 1940s to today.

True Color Paint
True Color is yet another US company, this time out of Phoenix, Arizona. These are acrylic solvent airbrush paints that contain some acetone. Along with auto colors, they also have a large line of railroad and military colors.

There are many more paints out there that can be used by model car builders . You can always use craft store acrylics. (I know I have.) But what I’ve discussed above are automotive specific paints I’m aware of. Hope this has been of some use.

Happy modeling.

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The Business of Making Model KIts

Posted on August 24th, 2019 in Blog by Michael Stucker

On our Links page we have a link to the Model Car Podcast. Thier latest podcast (August 17, 2019) as I write this contains an interview with Dave Metzner, the Product Development Manager for Moebius Models. It is really quite interesting and informative. You should give it a listen.


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2019 HAMS Model Car Show Reuslts

Posted on July 22nd, 2019 in Blog by Michael Stucker

HAMS held our 2019 Model Car Show on July 20th in Spring, TX. We had a great turnout with 50 entrants entering a show record 223 models. Modelers came from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and as far away as California. Here are the results of the contest.

Category 401: Juniors (12 and younger)
Sponsored by David Green
1st – Chevy Nova SS – Memphis Waller (Conroe, TX)

Category 402: Seniors (13-18)
No entries

Category 403: Box Stock
Sponsored by Jim Jefferson
3rd – 1970 Plymouth Road Runner – John Kress (San Antonio, TX)
2nd – 1953 Ford Convertible – Keith Rule (Spring Branch, TX)
1st – 1962 Corvette – Chris Adams (San Antonio, TX)

Category 404: Street Rod (non-stock, 1950 & Older)
Sponsored by Bernard Cortez
3rd – 1933 Willys Coupe – Keith Rule (Spring Branch, TX)
2nd – Smoothster – Eric Nordstrom (Catoosa, OK)
1st – 1937 Ford – Fonzell Brown (Houston, TX)

Category 405A: Street Machine (non-stock, 1951 & newer), General Motors
Sponsored by Richard Piazza
3rd – 1950 Oldsmobile – Eric Nordstrom (Catoosa, OK)
2nd – 1961 Olds  F-85 Wagon – Eric Nordstrom (Catoosa, OK)
1st – 1969 Chevy Chevlle SS 396 -Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)

Category 405B: Street Machine (non-stock, 1951 & newer), not General Motor
Sponsored by Richard Piazza
3rd – 1961 Ford Starliner – Robert Langoni (Prairieville, LA)
2nd – 1967 Shelby Mustang – Keith Rule (Spring Branch, TX)
1st – 1968 Dodge Dart – Eric Nordstrom (Catoosa, OK)

Category 406: Factory/Showroom Stock
3rd – 1952 Hudson Hornet – Keith Rule (Spring Branch, TX)
2nd – 1968 Chevelle SS 396 – John Rossio (Spring, TX)
1st – 1970 Ford Torino Cobra – Len Woodruff (Frisco, TX)

Category 410: Competition, Straight Line
Sponsored by Raul Montelongo
3rd – Lucas Oil Top Fuel Dragster – Lee Barrett (Houston, TX)
2nd – 1966 Chevy Nova – Keith Rule (Spring Branch, TX)
1st – Superman Pro Stock Firebird – Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)

Category 411: Competition, Open Wheel
3rd – Valvoline Spring Car – J.R. Wise (Nederland, TX)
2nd – 1968 Rislone Eagle – John Rossio (Spring, TX)
1st – Lola T93 Indy Car – David Green (Sugar Land, TX)

Category 412: Competition, Closed Wheel
3rd – Wrangler Chevy Monte Carlo – Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)
2nd – Whistler Ford Mustang – Lee Barrett (Houston, TX)
1st – 1964 Mercury Stock Car – Len Woodruff (Frisco, TX)

Category 420 – Foriegn & Exotic
3rd – 1936 Bugatti – Keith Rule (Spring Branch, TX)
2nd – “Herbie the Love Bug” – Rusty Price (Riverside, CA)
1st – Ford GT – Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)

Category 430: Heavy Truck/Commercial/Emergency
Sponsored by Richatrd Piazza
3rd – Studebaker US6 – Rick Cotton (Katy, TX)
2nd – International Lonestar – Keith Rule (Spring Branch, TX)
1st – Chevy COE Car Hauler – Terry Love (San Antonio, TX)

Category 431A: Light Truck/Commercial/Emergency, dull & dirty
Sponsored by Richard Piazza
3rd – M998 with Stingers – Richard Kern (Magnolia, TX)
2nd – 1950 Ford Pickup – David Lovato (Baytown, TX)
1st – WC52 Dodge – Richard Kern (Magnolia, TX)

Category 431B: Light Truck/Commercial/Emergency, clean & shiny
Sponsored by Richard Piazza
3rd – 1950 Ford Pickup – Alvis Barrington (Slidell, LA)
2nd – 1956 Ford Pickup – Fonzell Brown (Houston, TX)
1st – 1956 Ford Pickup – Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)

Category 440: Large Scale (1/18 & larger)
3rd – “Sir Wells” Charger Funny Car – Kenneth Gossard (Orange, TX)
2nd – Shelby GT500 – Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)
1st – Rat Rod – Alvis Barrington (Slidell, LA)

Category 441: Small Scale (1/32 & smaller)
3rd – KF2 Staff Car – Rick Cotton (Katy, TX)
2nd – Steyr L1500A – Rick Cotton (Katy, TX)
1st – Studebaker Pickup – Alvis Barrington (Slidell, LA)

Category 450: Curbside
Sponsored By Bernard Cortez
3rd – Toyota Pickup – David Bayon (Denton, TX)
2nd – Hummer – Richard Kern (Magnolia, TX)
1st – 1969 Dodge Super Bee – David Green (Sugar Land, TX)

Category 451: Miscellaneous
3rd – Firebolt Jet-Powered Racer – Gary Beckman (Spring, TX)
2nd – M8 Greyhound – Richard Kern (Magnolia, TX)
1st – M20 Utility Vehicle – Vince Barrale (Houston, TX)

Category 460: Customs
Sponsored by Richard Piazza
3rd – Lamborghini F1 – Chester Smith (Houston, TX)
2nd – 1955 Chevy Cameo – Rusty Price (Riverside, CA)
1st – 1950 Mercury – Fonzell Brown (Houston, TX)

Category 461A: Low Riders, 1969 & older
Sponsored by Bernard Cortez
3rd – 1959 Chevy Impala – Jesse Castro (Austin, TX)
2nd – 1948 Cadillac – Keith Rule (Spring Branch, TX)
1st – 1967 Chevy Impala – Freddie Pena (Pasedena, TX)

Category 461B: Low Riders, 1970 & newer
Sponsored by Bernard Cortez
3rd – 1995 Toyota Pickup – Adrian Lopez (Alvin, TX)
2nd – 1987 Olds Cutlass – Adrian Lopez (Alvin, TX)
1st – Custom Cadillac – Freddie Pena (Pasedena, TX)

Category 470: Slammer
Sponsored by Bernard Cortez
3rd – Pontiac Banshee – Jim MvKinney (Arlington, TX)
2nd – Nissan Pickup – Alvis Barrington (Slidell, LA)
1st – “Orange Crush” 1966 Suburban – Chris Adams (San Antonio, TX)

Categiry 480: Motorcycles
Sponsored by : VintageRPM.com
3rd – Kawasaki Ninja – Raymond Waller (Conroe, TX)
2nd – “Alibi” Custom Chopper – Lee Barrett
1st – Honda Road Race – Ernesto Potillo (Missouri City, TX)

Category 490: Dioramas
3rd – Joe’s Power Plus Gas Station – Chris Adams (San Antonio, TX)
2nd – Molly’s Zombie Removal – Buddy Aden (Houston, TX)
1st – 1960s Museum – David Green (Sugar Land, TX)

"Best Of" Trophies

Best Engine
Sponsored by Chuckie’s Toys

Lucas Oil Top Fuel Dragster – Lee Barrett (Houston, TX)
Best Engine Best Engine

Best Interior
Superman Pro Stock Firebird – Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)
Best Interior/Best In Show

Best Paint
1967 Chevy Impala – Freddie Pena (Pasedena, TX)
Best Paint

Best Ford Bronco
Sponsored by VintageRPM.com

Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)
Best Bronco

People’s Choice Award
1947 Crossley Altered – Charles Feuerborn (Granbury, TX)
People's Choice

Best Theme: Orange
Sponsored by G&G Model Shop

Ford GT – Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)
Best Theme

Best In Show
Sponsored by Chuckie’s Toys

Superman Pro Stock Firebird – Russell Butler (Greenville, TX)
Best Interior/Best In Show

Thank you to everyone who attended.

Click here to see more photos from the show.

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