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Agreement Form For Fashion Designing

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I use this model designer contract for my own work. It is a hybrid of AIGA, GAG and common sense for digital signature contracts. The document was originally published on www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/06/07/how-…,, where more information is available. Take this document as what it is, the laws in your state/country/dictatorship may be different! The action of sending and receiving this Agreement electronically will induce both parties to accept these conditions. The designer as the sender and the customer as the recipient confirm the acceptance of these conditions either by an email confirming acceptance or acceptance at the beginning of any work on this project. Electronic signatures are considered legal and binding. The designer warrants and assures that the underlying work is, in his soul and conscience, original and that it has not been previously published or that permission for use has been obtained indefinitely; That all works or parts thereof purchased through the form signed by third parties are original or, if they have been published in advance, permission to use it has been obtained on an unlimited basis; that the designer has full power to enter into this agreement; and that the work prepared by the designer does not contain scandalous, defamatory or illegal cases. This warranty does not apply to uses made by the customer or others on the designer`s product that may infringe the rights of others. The customer expressly agrees that he considers the designer harmless from any liability caused by the use of the designer`s product by the customer, insofar as such use violates the rights of others. . daily -This must be re-created from the base, do not keep sources from the web ie Theme / cms / codecannoyon scripts, so that if the contract is not compliant is automatically terminated. -You must have designers in your team Necessarily platform must be a multi-site store built in PHP and MySQL, the application must be built in flatter. -Login / Registration Account Type I need a person who will be able to create a crypto-casino website that I will make available.

will be able to create a crypto casino website, I will provide the Zip file with the template that the person must use cpanel games Casino, Crypto Games Live Gaming Platform, Lottery Platform Online Games, HTML Template Lottery Template The client agrees that it shall not hold the designer, his representative or staff liable for any accidental or consequential damages resulting from the designer`s omission, to carry out any aspect of the project in a timely manner, whether such omission was committed intentionally or negligently by the acts or omissions of the designer or client, customer representatives or staff or a third party. . . .

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