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Yrdsb Ot Collective Agreement

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Members are invited to register with the ETFO Provincial eNewsletter. To do this… Go to the ETFO website www.etfo.on.ca/, go to the eNewsletter-In email address (top corner to the right of the home page) enter your personal email address (DO NOT enter YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS) and click GO. Once you have registered, you will receive eNewsletter with the information you need to stay abreast of your Union. All of our internal/external job offers are reserved for the York Region District School Board via Apply to Education. To post internal vacancy notices, you must be a member of the York District School Board and have a staff identification number. If you are a new employee of the York District District School Board, you will receive additional information on the Wide Web Board Career Page (internal portal) on the application for internal vacancy notices as soon as registration information has been provided to you. – Elementary Teachers` Federation of Ontario (ETFO) – Benefits New Hire Letter – Employment Standards in Ontario – What you need to know – Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 1734 Collective Agreement – For more information, see the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) website 1734 – Support staff of the York Region District School Board – For more information, please visit the Department of Labor website, Open Letter from Education Unions to YRDSB Trustees and Director Sirisko Please contact us if you need help from the Union. . – For more information, visit the Ontario Teachers` Federation (ETFO) website – Mandatory Compliance Training – Employee Requirements It is important that all members visit this site regularly, as the location is the place where all local information is published. – Elementary Teachers` Federation of Ontario (ETFO) – York Region Occasional Teachers` Branch Collective Agreement . – Employee Assistance Program (ComPsych – runs under the guidance resource brand) e-memos brochure will continue to be emailed to members whenever necessary.

It is the fastest, most efficient and most cost-effective way to communicate with members. Your collaboration in providing your non-board email address and information on changes is a great way to work together. Use the ot.ca/updateme easy www.etfo-yr URL to access the “Refresh Me” page on our website. Help us keep you up to date. These documents summarized the contracts of the 30 OSSTF/FEESO teacher bargaining units in the province. . Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement Savings (OMERS) – Ontario Public Service Employees Union (Local 514) Collective Agreement .


Why Are Free Trade Agreements Necessary For The Philippines

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Philippines – Japan Economic Partnership Agreement The Philippines and Japan concluded a free trade agreement in 2008. The VPA is the Philippines` only bilateral free trade agreement covering, among other things, trade in goods, trade in services, investment, personal transport, intellectual property, customs procedures, improving the business environment and public procurement. The Investment Chapter (Chapter 7) establishes a requirement for contracting parties to authorize the investments of other contracting parties in accordance with their laws and regulations. It also expresses the intention of the parties to offer investors from other parties stable, non-discriminatory and transparent investment conditions and stresses the importance of investment promotion. In addition, the parties recognize that it is inappropriate to encourage investment by relaxing health, safety and environmental standards. Finally, the chapter provides for a review of investment issues within five years of the agreement`s entry into force, taking into account the treatment of non-party parties in other free trade agreements. For eFTA-Philippines trade statistics, see EFTA`s trade statistics tool The parties recognize that economic development, social development and environmental protection are interdependent. In Chapter 11, they reaffirm their commitment to multilateral contracts and principles in the environment and work and commit to a level of protection by recognizing the right of each party to set its own level of environmental and labour protection. Arbitration procedures do not apply to this chapter. Philippines – European Free Trade Association Free Trade Agreement The Philippines and EFTA countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland – signed a free trade agreement in 2016, which is expected to enter into force in 2018. The Philippines-EFTA covers trade in goods, trade in services, investment, competition, intellectual property, government procurement, trade and sustainable development. ASEAN Merchandise Trade Agreement The 2010 ASEAN Goods Trade Agreement (ATIGA) consolidated all commitments of the ASEAN Effective Customs Free Trade Area (CEPT/AFTA) for merchandise trade.

It aims to create an internal market and a production base with the free movement of goods in the ASEAN region, an important part of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). ATIGA includes tariff liberalization, initiatives to facilitate trade, simplification of rules of origin and the creation of an ASEAN trade register. Visit investasean.asean.org/ for up-to-date information on ASEAN trade. The agreement contains detailed provisions on trade facilitation (Annex VI), including some more WTO provisions. The provisions are open, among other things, to preliminary decisions and limit the possibility of new fees and taxes. As a large-scale agreement, the free trade agreement covers trade in goods, trade in services, investment, competition, protection of intellectual property rights, public procurement, trade and sustainable development. In the area of merchandise trade, EFTA removes all tariffs on industrial products from the time the agreement comes into force, while the Philippines will gradually reduce or eliminate its tariffs on the vast majority of these products. The agreement also provides for tariff concessions for both agricultural commodities and processed agricultural products in the bilateral annexes VIII to X of the agreement.

Specific provisions to facilitate trade in fish and other seafood are contained in a separate annex of the trade chapter (Annex V).


What Is The Point Of Repurchase Agreements

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Retirement transactions are usually short-term transactions, often literally overnight. However, some contracts are open and do not have a fixed due date, but the reverse transaction is usually done within one year. A pension contract (PR) is a short-term loan in which both parties agree to the sale and future repurchase of assets within a certain contract term. The seller sells a treasury order or other state security with the promise to repurchase them at a given time and at a price that includes an interest payment. A pension transaction is when buyers buy securities from the seller for cash and agree to cancel the transaction on a given date. It works as a short-term secured loan. There are three main types of retirement operations. The buy-back contract, or “repo,” the market is an opaque but important part of the financial system, which has recently attracted increasing attention. On average, $2 trillion to $4 trillion in pension transactions are traded every day — guaranteed short-term loans. But how does the pension market work, and what about it? In 2008, attention was drawn to a form known as Repo 105 after the Collapse of Lehman, since Repo 105s would have been used as an accounting ploy to mask the deterioration of Lehman`s financial health. Another controversial form of buyback order is the “internal repo,” which was first highlighted in 2005.

In 2011, it was proposed that, in order to finance risky transactions on European government bonds, Rest could have been the mechanism by which MF Global endangered several hundred million dollars of client funds before its bankruptcy in October 2011. Much of the deposit guarantee is obtained through the re-library of other customer security. [22] [23] If the Fed wants to tighten the money supply, hungry for liquidity, it sells the bonds to commercial banks through a pension purchase contract or a short repot. They will then buy back the securities through a reverse pension and return money to the system. Since the advent of COVID-19, the Fed has significantly expanded the scope of its repo operations to bring cash to money markets. The Fed facility provides primary traders with liquidity in exchange for cash and other government-guaranteed securities. Before the coronavirus turmoil was put on the market, the Fed offered $100 billion in overnight pension and $20 billion in two-week repo.


What Is A Section 75 Partnership Agreement

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On a practical level, the directors and directors of the city council are directly responsible for the initiation and development of partnership agreements. This requires an often lengthy process of local negotiations, which results in a new legally binding partnership framework agreement. Agreements can also be complex and require careful consideration to clarify the framework of accountability and the governance framework. The legislation was developed at the national level and is linked to the previous Health Act 1999. Joint work and the application of legal flexibilities, such as the Section 75 Partnership Agreement, have been promoted by national political agendas such as world-class commissioning, “Strong and Prosperous Communities” (2006), “Our Health, Our Care, Our Right to Look” (2006), “Putting People First” (2007) and “Transforming Community Services” (2009). Integrated care structures have contributed to the evaluation of world-class commissioning (partnership is a key skill) that provides greater incentives for municipalities to establish common health and social security structures. It is widely accepted that the creation of a partnership agreement and the implementation of organizational changes are a complex and labour-intensive task, often leading to initial tensions in organizational cultures, while roles and responsibilities are redefined. However, demonstrating the efficiencies achieved through the establishment of uniform structures encourages a commitment to pooling budgets and establishing common structures. An example of efficiency gains created by common structures is in the City of Liverpool, where a single commissioning unit has been created through a Section 75 partnership agreement. The savings in the back office are estimated at around 1.5 million euros per year. These savings are the result of common systems and overheads used by the integrated unit team. The location of the team in common premises, a unique health computer system, a harmonized performance management system and indicators, and common results goals contribute to a more efficient and focused work practice.

The specific objectives for the implementation of the section 75 agreements are the weak points of the current regulation: the tedious nature of the implementation of a partnership agreement under Section 75. Managers indicate that red tape can be demanding and that strong and engaged management is needed to manage communities through such restructuring processes. The Ministry of Health`s White Paper (2010) promises both the sustainability of existing partnership agreements and the simplification of the procedures needed to establish partnerships. Many of the efficiency gains and user outcomes mentioned in this example relate to new integrated management structures and services. The establishment of a Section 75 Partnership Agreement is currently the process for the creation of such services. However, feedback from stakeholders suggests that the process can be simplified and improved. Section 75 Partnership agreements, provided for by NHS Act 2006, allow for the pooling of budgets between health planners/providers and social providers, resources and management structures. Most NHS Trusts, care trusts and councils have a kind of bundled funding system, with pooled resources that account for about 3.4% of the total health and social services budget. An obvious gap that is being filled by the work supported by Section 75 partnerships is the gap in the path of patient care.

Integrated structures are designed to reduce transition problems between service providers, for example. B child care. Apprenticeship services are the type of offer most often justified by the application of Section 75 agreements. Councils tend to host these services after the transfer of funds from NHS Trusts. However, there are several examples of integrated local care for the elderly, often in the form of community-based multidisciplinary teams and equipment, under the


What Are Subject Verb Agreement Rules

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This composite subject therefore requires a singular verb to accept it. 6. The words of each, each, neither, nor, nor, nor anyone, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, no one, and no one are singular and do not require a singular verb. They do NOT apply to other helping verbs, as they can, must, must, can, want, must. In recent years, the SAT`s testing service has not considered any of us to be absolutely unique. However, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary of English Usage: “Of course, none is as singular as plural since old English and it still is. The idea that it is unique is a myth of unknown origin that seems to have emerged in the 19th century. If this appears to you as a singular in the context, use a singular verb; If it appears as a plural, use a plural verb. Both are acceptable beyond serious criticism. If there is no clear intention that this means “not one,” a singular verb follows. Subjects and verbs must agree on the number for a sentence to be sensual. Although grammar can be a bit odd from time to time, there are 20 rules of the subject-verbal chord that summarize the subject fairly concisely.

Most concepts of the verb-subject chord are simple, but exceptions to the rules can make it more complicated. This rule can cause shocks on the road. For example, if I am one of the two subjects (or more), it could lead to this strange phrase: sometimes names take strange forms and can deceive us to think that they are plural if they are truly singularly and vice versa. You`ll find more help in the section on plural forms of nouns and in the section on collective nouns. Words such as glasses, pants, pliers and scissors are considered plural (and require plural verbs), unless they are followed by the pair of sentences (in this case, the pair of words becomes subject). If your sentence unites a positive subject and a negative subject and is a plural, the other singular, the verb should correspond to the positive subject. 1. Subjects and verbs must match in numbers.

It is the angle rule that forms the background of the concept.


Violation Of Confidentiality Agreement

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Violation of a confidential agreement is a breach of contract. In the event of a breach of confidential contractual cases, several violations of the treaty`s defence are in force. One remedy that can be used is the defense of impure hands. The defence of dirty hands is used when the party seeking execution has also committed the same type of conduct against which it is suing the injuring party, which does not allow it to pursue remedies. Don`t make the mistake of thinking that the breach of your particular agreement is pretty insignificant – the courts may decide otherwise. Even if there is no financial damage to the other party, damages may be awarded on the basis of “Wrotham Park”. In this case, the amount awarded was the value that the aggrieved party could have successfully negotiated in exchange for the acceptance of the offence. Confidentiality agreements are very important documents, but they can often lead to complex litigation. You may need to hire a lawyer if you need help in the event of a breach of confidentiality rights. Your business lawyer can provide you with the legal advice and advice you need to successfully maintain your application. In addition, your lawyer can inform you of changes in the area of privacy laws. If you need help understanding the consequences of a breach of confidentiality, you can publish your legal needs in the UpCounsel marketplace.

UpCounsel only accepts the highest 5 percent of lawyers on its website. UpCounsel`s lawyers come from law schools such as Harvard Law and Yale Law and on average 14 years of legal experience, including working with or on behalf of companies such as Google, Menlo Ventures and Airbnb. Before you sign an agreement, make sure you are fully aware of your commitments. If you are thinking of doing something that could violate such an agreement, you should look carefully at the treaty and assess its legal consequences. A breach of a confidentiality agreement may occur if a person discloses information that they have agreed to as private information. Confidentiality agreements are generally used in a job when the recruitment company does not want confidential business information to be made public. As such, they will generally require employers to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they do not divide certain information. Check to see if the provisions of the agreement are able to correct or compensate for a breach of the recipient. For example, it is very difficult to place a monetary value on a business idea, so it may be difficult to sue for damages.

A more appropriate measure would be to ask the operator for a court injunction preventing the recipient from using the information. However, if the information has been made public in the meantime, its commercial potential may have been lost. Because confidentiality agreements are treated as contracts, several contract defence violations may apply in some cases. For example, the defense of impure hands may apply. In this case, the applicant did commit the same type of conduct as the injurious party, who would then disqualify her in order to seek appeal to the courts. Various other corrective measures may apply depending on the facts of the case that leaves you with a confidentiality agreement to protect everything else. The agreement specifies the information you want to protect and the extent to which the recipient of the information can share or use that information (if any). If the agreement is broken or is threatened with infringement, legal action may be taken. This depends on the content of the agreement, which should be clearly defined: this document allows the parties to explore the possibilities of an agreement before signing an agreement covering the terms.

As a general rule, confidentiality agreements are made between an employer and its employees to protect the company`s sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.


Us State Department Sofa Agreements

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This announcement became a source of interest to Congress115, in part following statements by Bush administration officials that such an agreement would not be submitted to the legislative branch for approval, although the United States may have been required to provide “security guarantees” to Iraq.116 Several hearings were held at the 110th Congress on the proposed security agreement. In late 2007, Congress passed the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense (2008), which contained a provision limiting the resources it had made available because they were used by U.S. authorities, 117 In October 2008, Congress passed the Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2009, which a report by the Chairman to the Committees on Foreign Affairs and Armed Services of the House of Representatives and the Committees on Foreign Relations and Armed Services of the Senate on any agreement between the United States and Iraq on specific issues, including security guarantees or U.S. obligations, fundamental rights and the status of U.S. forces in Iraq 118 Several legislative proposals have been presented , which would have required either submitting such an agreement to the Senate for consultation and approval. The Department of Defense Directive 5525.1 contains SOFA-specific guidelines and information.14 The Ministry of Defence`s policy is to “protect as much as possible the rights of US personnel who may be exposed to criminal proceedings by foreign courts and prison sentences in foreign prisons.” 15 The Directive responds to the Senate`s reservations with respect to NATO SOFA by stating that, although the reservations accompanying its ratification apply only to NATO member states, if they are applicable, comparable reservations apply to future SOFA. In particular, the directive specifies that “the same procedures for protecting the interests of U.S. personnel under foreign jurisdiction” are applied where feasible in the overseas territories where U.S. forces are stationed.16 The Strategic Framework Agreement is a non-legislative political agreement under which the parties commit to cooperate in a number of areas, including diplomatic, security, economic, cultural and repressive issues. In the area of security, the agreement provides that the United States and Iraq “continue to promote close cooperation on defence and security agreements” that must be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the security agreement. The strategic framework agreement also states that “the temporary presence of U.S. forces in Iraq is at the request and invitation of the sovereign government of Iraq” and that the United States “must not use the Iraqi country, sea or air as a starting point or transit to attack other countries[], aspire or not seek permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq.” There are no formal requirements for the content, details and length of a CANAPÉ.

A CANAPÉ can apply to the criminal and civil justice system, uniforms, taxes and fees, carrying weapons, using radio spectrum, licensing requirements and customs rules. The United States has completed SOFAs as short as one page and more than 200 pages. For example, the United States and Bangladesh exchanged notes for a joint exercise in 199817, which provide for the status of U.S. forces.18 The agreement is activity/exercise-specific, consists of five clauses and is on one page. The United States and Botswana exchanged notes that provide for the status of armed forces “that may temporarily reside in Botswana, in association with exercises, humanitarian aid or other activities on which our two governments can agree.” 19 The agreement is similar to its scope of the agreement with Bangladesh and appears on one page.


Ufcw 1518 Collective Agreement

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Late last year, negotiations for the first collective agreement between UFCW 1518 and MEC became entreased in mediation. Yesterday, the Ombudsman imposed a first collective agreement which included a pay increase for all employees, in most cases up to 6%. CONTACT INFORMATIONS Kate Milberry UFCW Local Press Officer 1518 604-526-1518 kmilberry@ufcw1518.com www.ufcw1518.com “Having voted for union membership at MEC workers in Vancouver and Victoria, employees at all bc sites will immediately receive a further pay increase,” said UFCW 1518 President Kim Novak. “We are very proud of the work of our negotiating committee and the commitment and solidarity of the MEC workers,” said President Novak. And this isn`t the first time that union representation has paid off for all MEC employees – not just those who are part of UFCW 1518, she added. “Almost two weeks after workers at Vancouver`s flagship site voted to join our union, MEC announced wage increases for all MEC workers across Canada. That`s power. UFCW 1518 Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Johnson said the union was looking forward to a first contract for the Victoria and Vancouver sites. “Not only did our members retain the benefits they had, they also achieved solid improvements. And MEC has implemented many of the same improvements, including a pay rise, on all MEC AVANT sites — despite ongoing statements to the public that mourn the financial blues. Last August, workers at the Vancouver-de-Year site voted to join UFCW 1518 and, while negotiating a first collective agreement, workers at the Victoria site also voted to join the union.

This resulted in a better outcome for all employees at the negotiating table, Finance Minister Johnson said. UFCW Local 1518 represents 24,000 members in the healthcare, services and hospitality, retail, industry and professional sectors. . Nanaimo – District Home Support LOU – Fixed Posts . . “There is strength in numbers. And MEC certainly noted that a second site voted to join our union – that`s why our members got the pay increase they did,” he said. We look forward to representing MEC employees at all BC sites, so that workers see even more growth in our province with the continued success of MEC! Community Connections Support Services (General Services) Sobeys Capital Inc DBA Safeway Extra Agreement (Langley).


Trading Partner Agreement Sample

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Domestic and domestic trading partners also regularly use trade agreements to manage trade in goods and services. These trade agreements set supply conditions, cheap tariffs and tariffs. The agreement also indicates the procedures and reasons that the contract can be terminated, that the contract is not transferable, the hierarchy in the event of a legal conflict, whether originals or copies, the legal competence of the contract, as well as other requirements and responsibilities. As a general rule, these documents are several pages long and in-depth in order to avoid possible litigation and to protect the parties involved. Under the trade agreement, each party that interacts with the health authority knows exactly what it can expect for HCA and what HCA expects of them. In the health sector, a wide range of data is distributed to manage payments and insurance plans. Health care providers of all kinds also cooperate with different institutions to exchange information managed and regulated by trade agreements. In such agreements, the company that transmits the data to HCA declares itself ready to comply with relevant laws and laws, to have its own devices to transmit data, to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data during the exchange, to correct errors or defects of the data, to maintain a commercial data protocol whose data includes that are exchanged, verified once and when the contract expires. A trade agreement is an agreement reached by two parties who have agreed to act on certain elements or information. The agreement outlines the terms of the trade or trade process, including responsible responsibilities, those involved in how goods or information are provided and received, as well as customs duties or royalties. The purpose of the trade agreement is to define the responsibilities of each party and to prevent disputes under agreed conditions.

A TPA defines how trading partners interact in transportation, document exchange and business protocol. A TPA contains the terms and conditions of the contract, the roles of participant (buyer, seller), communication and security protocols and business processes (valid actions, sequencing rules, etc.). Data providers often also use trade agreements to manage contractual terms that provide for regular distribution of sectoral data. Credit institutions and health care companies are two types of businesses that depend on trade agreements for their businesses. Swaps are an example of a fourth market exchange instrument that requires a detailed trade agreement. Swaps are a form of derivative contracts that allows financial institutions to manage interest rate risk by purchasing installment payment contracts based on interest rate differences. Credit companies work with a large number of companies in the financial sector to send and obtain information on credit reports. Trade agreements regulate the information disclosed, the intervals for which information flows and the various technological systems used. In some cases, the necessary elements of a TPA can already be filled out by programmatic documents and, in this case, a reference to the existing voice storage location in these documents can be used to satisfy the TPAs.


The Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act Of 1934

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Between 1934 and 1945, the United States signed 32 reciprocal trade agreements with 27 countries. [4] In addition, the conclusion of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was taken by the Authority under the RTAA. The Trade Promotion Authority aims to create opportunities for domestic workers, just as Roosevelt`s RTAA supported job creation on the national territory through trade in New Deal programs. The TPA is an important element of trade negotiations because it allows Congress to define the terms of trade negotiations, consultations at Congress during negotiations and legislative procedures for voting on agreements. In 1934, the Roosevelt administration took two initiatives that expressed a desire to reconnect with the rest of the world economically. The first was the creation of the export import bank. In February 1934, Roosevelt founded the bank as an institution that was to finance American trade with the newly recognized Soviet Union. The following month, he created a second import-export bank to finance trade with Cuba; In July 1934, the scope of the second bank was extended to all countries other than the Soviet Union. In 1935, the two banks were merged and Congress passed a law that conferred more powers and more capital on the newly assembled bank. In the years leading up to the outbreak of World War II, when it extended credit to countries outside the Western Hemisphere such as Italy and China, the import-export bank was concentrated in Latin America, where it proved to be an important part of the policy of the good neighbour. Between 1934 and 1939, the Roosevelt administration entered into trade agreements with 19 countries under the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. After 1945, the customs negotiation procedure established under the RTAA programme formed the model of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the agreement signed in 1947 by 23 countries, which formed the framework for multilateral trade liberalization after the Second World War.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act (RTAA) in 1934. It gave the president the power to negotiate bilateral and reciprocal trade agreements with other countries and allowed Roosevelt to liberalize U.S. trade policy around the world. It is generally attributed that it sounded the era of liberal trade policy that continued during the 20th century. [2] Due to the Great Depression, tariffs were at a historically high level. Members of Congress have generally entered into informal quid-pro-quo agreements, in which they voted in favour of other members` preferential tariffs in order to gain the support of their members. No one took into account the overall toll for U.S. consumers or exporters. This practice is commonly referred to as logrolling. Roosevelt and key members of his government made sure to put an end to the practice. [19] As more and more U.S.

industries began to benefit from tariff reductions, some of them began campaigning with Congress for lower tariffs. Until RTAA, Congress had been mainly pressured by industries that wanted to create or increase tariffs to protect their industry. This change has also helped to maintain many of the benefits of trade liberalization. In short, the political incentive to increase tariffs has diminished and the political incentive to reduce tariffs has increased. [3] The second major external initiative of 1934 was the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act (RTAA). In March 1934, Roosevelt asked Congress for the power to negotiate trade agreements based on reciprocal tariff reductions with other countries, “that the full and sustainable recovery on the national territory depends in part on revitalized and strengthened international trade.”