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2011 HAMS Model Car Show Winners

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Category Awards

401 Junior:
1st, Jacob Hodges, Dale Jr NASCAR
2nd, Jacob Hodges, ’69 Camaro
3rd, Jacob Hodges, Taxi

402 Senior:
No entries

403 Box stock:
1st, John Rossio, ’40 Ford coupe
2nd, Jim McKinney, Kurtis Midget
3rd, Dave Barron, Porsche 917K

404 Street Rod:
1st, Larry Booth, ’32 Ford
2nd, Mike Fair, ’32 Ford Ardun
3rd, Chuck Easton, ’36 Ford sedan

405 Street machine:
1st, Len Woodruff, Eleanor Mustang
2nd, John Rossio, ’65 GTO
3rd, John Rossio, ’63 Corvette

406 Factory/showroom stock:
Results missing.

410A Competition Drag, Altered/Funny Car:
1st, Chris Curbow, Chevy II
2nd, Vic Thomas, Little Red Wagon
3rd, Chris Curbow, 69 Nova

410B Competition Drag, Pro Stock
1st, John Rossio, ’70 Plymouth GTX
2nd, Steve Miller, Dodge 330
3rd, Claude Jones, ’64 Dodge

410C Competition Drag, Other
1st, Mike Fair, ’31 Ford
2nd, Chris Curbow, ’41 Willys
3rd, Chris Curbow, SWC Willys

411A Competition open wheel, F1 & Indy:
1st, Russell Wells, Renault R501
2nd, Dave Barron, Kurtis Midget
3rd, Steve Miller, Gurney Indy Eagle

411B Competition Open Wheel, Modifieds With Wings
1st, Kendall Spears, Rear engine mod
2nd, Kendall Spears, Pinto mod
3rd, Kendall Spears, Cougar mod

411C Competition Open Wheel, Modifieds With No Wings:
1st, Dave Barron, ’36 Chevy mod
2nd, Kendall Spears, ’64 Dodge 330 mod
3rd, John Burger, ’34 Ford mod

412A Competition Closed Wheel, Oval Track:
1st, Kendall Spears, ’69 Ford Falcon
2nd, Claude Jones, ’57 Chevy
3rd, Dave Barron, ’69 Datsun B510

412B: Competition Closed Wheel, Road Course:
1st, Steve Miller, 63 Cobra
2nd, Steve Miller, MT Attempt 1
3rd, Mike Stucker, Ferrari F430

420 Foreign & Exotic:
1st, Vic Thomas, Lotus Esprit
2nd, Russell, Wells Audi R8
3rd, Vic Thomas, Porsche

430 Commercial:
1st, Daryl Porch, Pete with dozer on trailer
2nd, Daryl Porch, Pete mobile home hauler
3rd, Daryl Porch, KW with cattle trailer

431 Light truck & Emergency Vehicles:
Results Missing.

440 Larger scale:
1st, Mike Fair, 32 Ford
2nd, Wayne Marsden, Duesenberg
3rd, Daryl Porch, 1/16 Pete winch truck

441 1/32 scale and smaller:
1st, Mike Stucker, ’67 Mercury Cougar Trans-Am
2nd, Jim McKinney, Kubel Waggen Speedster
3rd, Ronnie Nunez, Caddy LMP

450 Curbside:
1st, Steve Boutte, 50 Caddy
2nd, Steve Boutte, 57 Chevy Stepside
3rd, John Rossio, 2010 Challenger

451 Miscellaneous:
1st, Kendall Spears, 1925 Model T tractor
2nd, Wayne Marsden, Top fuel engine
3rd, Joe H. Ramirez, engine collection

460A Custom, ?:
1st, Larry Booth, ’49 Ford
2nd, Vic Thomas, ’49 Mercury
3rd, Chris Curbow, ’49 Mercury

460B Custom, ?:
1st, Florian Dylinski, ’60 Chevy truck
2nd, John Rossio, ’48 Ford convertible
3rd, Chuck Easton, ’54 Chevy

461 Diorama:
1st, Mike Fair, Old gas station
2nd, Kendall Spears, Thunder Road
3rd, Joe H. Ramirez, Whataburger drive-in

470 Slammer:
No entries.

480 Motorcycles:
1st, Ronnie Nunez, Ducati 916
2nd, Dave Barron, Suzuki RGV500
3rd, Ronnie Nunez, Suzuki Hayabusa

490 Low riders:
No entries.

Specialty Awards:

Jim Summey Award for Best ’32 Ford: Mike Fair
Engine: Len Woodruff, ’57 Chevy Black Widow
Interior: Len Woodruff ’67 Eleanor Mustang
Short track, Open Wheel: Dave Barron, ’36 Chevy modified
Short track, Closed Wheel: Len Woodruff ’57 Chevy Black Widow
Theme (best Mercury): Vic Thomas, ’49 Mercury
Best in Show: Larry Booth, ’32 Ford


2011 HAMS Model Car Show

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Eric Stone’s photos of our 2011 Model Car Show and Contest held in Spring, Texas, on August 20th.
Click photo for Gallery.


Late Additions to Show Vendor List

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We have two more vendors that will be attending our Model Contest & Show on August 20.
They are Bernard Brown and Lynn Davis.